Google Launches Dedicated Site to Help for “Find Food Support”

The past year of the pandemic has been challenging for everyone, and only worsened the hunger problem in America. Trying to combat this, has launched a new dedicated website to help those in need to find food support locations across the US.

Google Launches Dedicate Site for Free Food Support

In a blog post on The Keyword, Google announced the launch of a new website dedicated to help those in need. Google’s new “Find Food Support” site includes a Google Maps food bank locator, which can be used to search for nearby food banks, pantries, or school lunch program pickup sites.

Working with non-profit groups such as Wordfinder and No Kid Hungry, and the US Department of Agriculture, Google has managed to include locations all over the US. The food bank locator has around 90,000 locations offering free food support across all 50 states, and Google says there are more locations to come.

According to the blog post, Google searches for “food bank near me”, “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)”, “food stamps application” and “school lunch pick up” were higher than ever in the past year. Google’s new food support site has been launched in an effort to combat the problem.

Alongside the “Find Food Support” site, Google will publish five new videos to its YouTube channel with the intention of de-stigmatizing food poverty. Emily Ma, head of Food for Good, explains that Google wants people to “know they’re not alone”, in the blog post.

Google’s dedicated food support site also includes food support hotlines, state-by-state benefit guides, and additional information for communities. Visitors can also find information about how you can donate food, time and money to support those in need.

How to Access Google’s “Find Food Support” Site

If you’re looking to access Google’s new “Find Food Support” site for any reason, it’s really easy to do so. The URL reads “”, which is exactly like a search query you might type in.

Just in case anyone forgets the URL, you’ll see Google’s dedicated site come up if you search for terms similar to “find food support” or “food help” in Google. Just to make it clear, Google’s site is currently only accessible from the US.

Whether you need help accessing free food support, want to donate to food support charities, or want to access information on food poverty, Google’s new site is the perfect hub for this information.

Google Joins the Fight Against Food Poverty

With the rollout of Google’s dedicate “Find Food Support” site, the company is joining the fight against food poverty. Google’s own search analytics show the scale of the problem, so it’s good to see the company helping to tackle it as well.

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