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Hey, did you hear? There’s a big Google event coming up next week. There’s gonna be a big new phone and, no doubt, some additions to the Home line. In the meantime, here’s a mint (officially “Aqua”) Google Home .

The new color scheme is arriving on October 29, for the usual $49 price point. The timing of all of this is a bit odd, given the the company has next week. That said, this is probably just Google’s way of showing the world that it’s got too much to pack into the event.

If the hue looks familiar, it’s probably because it’s surfaced in leaks of the upcoming Pixel 3. Aesthetic consistency among its hardware line has become an increasing focus for Google in recent years.

It’s a quick way to remind everyone about its big event, the day that Microsoft is fighting for mindshare with its own big launch. It also appears to be a sign that the Home Mini, which was a focus at last year’s show, won’t be getting much of a refresh next week.

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