Google is putting Android in new Volvo and Audi cars | Tech News

Android already runs on phones, tablets, and TVs. Soon, it will be in cars, too.
Google gave demos of two new Android-equipped automobiles at its I/O developer conference on Wednesday.

This is different than Android Auto, the software that allows you to plug your phone into a car and basically control your phone through the car’s built-in display.

In this case, Google has actually integrated Android directly into the car, so that you can do everything from accessing car-friendly apps like Spotify and Google Maps to controlling car settings like air conditioning.

It’s also an extension of Google Assistant, the voice-powered digital helper that’s Google’s answer to Apple Siri. With Assistant in your car, you can use your voice to do things like adjust your seat, pick music tracks, or make a phone call.

In some cases, this feels like overkill – Is it really easier to tell your car to lower the air conditioning than to just turn a knob? But for things like navigation, phone calls, and the like, having a virtual assistant as your copilot could be helpful.

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