Google Maps Incognito Mode Will Let You Hide Your Location Data

If you're skeptical about Google tracking your location on Maps all the time, you won't have to worry anymore.

Google Maps Incognito was originally announced back in May at Google I/O 2019. As per recent reports, the feature is now being tested and it works exactly like the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome.

Just like the incognito mode on Chrome which hides your browsing history, the Google Maps version will hide your location history.

Once you turn it on, Google Maps will stop sharing your location, updating your location history, saving your browsing history or using your personal to personalize Map searches.

The GiF above also shows that switching to Incognito Mode will place a black bar under the notifications panel, indicating that the app is currently in Incognito Mode. It will also put the classic ‘hat and sunglasses' incognito icon in the search bar an icon we're all well acquainted with.

How to Get it Early

If you want to test the feature for yourself, you'll have to get Preview Maps version 10.26 or later. You'll also need to be a part of the Preview Maps test group. If you don't want to try out the Preview, then you'll have to wait for the public release which is due in the next few weeks.

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