Google Maps shows Lime bikes and e-scooters in 80 new cities

Last December, Google implemented a new feature to allow users to find bicycles and e-scooters within the Google app in 13 different . This weekend, the Mountain View company announced the expansion of this feature in more than 80 cities around the world.

In recent years Google has constantly added new options in navigation via Google Maps, working with companies such as Uber and Lyft. Thanks to these features, the app is able to provide users with the exact location of the vehicles of each company, the time needed for their arrival and the cost of the trip.

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bicycles can be located on Google Maps in new cities. / © Engadget

Big G is not going to stop and within a short time has established a partnership with Lime, the famous bike sharing service, making it possible to locate bicycles and e-scooters on its maps. Initially, the function was available in a few cities (13 to be precise), while as of this weekend, the service was extended to 80 cities around the world.

The expansion is available to all iOS and Android users in several cities in the United States, but also other countries such as England, New Zealand and Mexico. You can read the full list of new cities included in the update on the company’s official blog. Of course, this just the beginning and Google has promised its arrival in other locations in the near future.

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