Google Messages’ Newest Feature Lets You Schedule Texts for Later

Sometimes your text messages need to wait a few hours. That's why Google Messages is rolling out a scheduling feature that you send out texts at a later date or time. Message scheduling is available now for select users, although there's no word on when the feature will finish its rollout.

Message scheduling was first spotted by Sai Reddy (@besaireddy), who posted screenshots of the feature on Twitter. As shown in the screenshots, Google suggests preset delivery times for scheduled messages, like “Later today, 6:00 pm” or “Tomorrow, 8:00 am.” You also have the option to select a particular date and time for delivery, which could be useful for sending out scheduled reminders to a group of coworkers or friends.

To schedule a message, press and hold the send button in Messages. The schedule message window will appear onscreen. After choosing a date and time for delivery, the SMS button will turn into a clock, and you can compose your text as usual. Pressing the now-clockified SMS icon officiates your scheduled message.

Surprisingly, scheduled messaging doesn't require RCS. You can use send a scheduled message to anyone, including iPhone owners. That said, Google is quietly rolling out the feature, and it may take a few days or weeks to arrive on your phone.

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