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Google has been reported with a , which is causing the app to push you beyond your monthly allowance, for no fault of your own.

This issue was reported by many users on Google News Help Forum in September. Google recognised and acknowledged the issue, but has failed to fix the issue yet.


Basically, even when the Google News app is running the background, many users noticed that the app was eating up an unreasonable amount of . A users who posted under the name of Jordan on the forum claimed that Google News ate up 7.65 GB of data on his device, just overnight.

Another user James Reinhardt said that the Google News app used up “1.6 GB data in less than an an hour on 12 September”.

User Ross Wachendorf was pretty much ripped off due to this bug, which caused him to lose 19 GB of data.

It has been months that the issue was reported, but till now, no specific pattern has been detected, because some users were just consuming 100 MB a month for using the Google News app. But there are also a lot of horror stories with people using up data even when the app was just supposedly running in the background and shouldn't consume that much.

It's hard to tell by when Google will fix this issue (even though it should have been done by now, considering the complaints are at least two months old), but in the meantime, if you are facing this problem as well, ideal would be to just disable background data use for the app.

In fact, even if the issue hasn't struck you yet, why to let it happen to you right? Go disable background data, either way!

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