Google paid out $6.5M in bug bounties in 2019

Google forked out more than $6.5 million in bug bounties during 2019, the tech giant said . Its Vulnerability Reward Programs provide payouts for security researchers who find and report bugs in Google’s services. Of the total amount, $2.1 million was paid from the Google program, $1.9 million from , $1 million from and $800,000 from the Google Play program.

The biggest single reward was $201,000, with 461 paid researchers during the year.

“Their discoveries help keep our users, and the internet at large, safe,” Google said in a blog post. “We look forward to even more collaboration in 2020 and beyond.”

The $6.5 million in payouts was almost double the $3.4 million awarded in 2018. By comparison, $2.9 million was paid out in 2017, $3 million in 2016 and $2 million in 2015.

Google also made $507,000 in donations to charity during 2019.

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