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Google Photos has launched its book service in the UK, enabling you to create a book from your PC or Mac or your iOS or Android mobile device. 

No additional software is required and the books butt up against services from Apple, Blurb and others at £11.99 for a 20 page softcover book and £22.99 for a hardcover book.

Once you select the photos for your book, you can get Google Photos to find the best shots and lay them out on the pages for you. The app will remove duplicates and poor quality images. All that's left for you to do is make a few tweaks and place your order. Google Photos will also automatically suggest books based on your recent adventures. 

Google Photos has got a lot better at enabling you to share your photos over the last year or so with shared libraries as well as suggested sharing – this automatically detects people in your photos and then offers to share it with them. You get a notification on your , or you can access the new sharing tab in the mobile Photos app to see the suggestions. Apple is now introducing suggested sharing to its Photos app in iOS 12.

Earlier this year Google Photos also introduced themed movies, relying on Google's own recognition technology to create videos from groups of photos that Google's algorithm has recognised.

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