Google removes 13 apps containing malware


has reportedly removed a total of 13 apps from the Google Play store because they were found to be installing on people’s devices. So far, as many as 5,600,000 users of Android downloaded these apps which include a truck simulator, fire truck simulator, luxury car driving simulator and more.

Lukas Stefanko, who is a security researcher at ESET, recently tweeted about the 13 malicious apps which did not show any legitimate use. He also noted that two of these apps were featured in the trending section on the Play store. These apps, however, are no longer available. Google has removed them from the Play Store.

The apps were listed under a single developer called Luiz O Pinto, and refused to work, and crashed when a user tried to open the app to play the game. Also, the apps would ask users to install an additional APK called ‘Game Center.’

Here’s a look at what happens when someone downloads and launches the app.

This isn’t really the first time that the Play Store has experienced something like this. Last year Google was held responsible for the spread of auto-clicking adware to as many as 36 million mobile devices.

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