Google Sheets Now Automates Data Entry With Smart Fill

Google is taking the tedium out of spreadsheets with Fill, an AI-powered feature that automatically retrieves and fills out based on context. Smart Fill was first announced by Google in June and will roll out to all users by November 5th.

In Google's words, Smart Fill makes data “quicker and less error-prone.” As you fill out columns, Sheets will automatically detect patterns and autocomplete the rest of the column for you. If you have a column full of addresses and another column for zip codes, for example, Smart Fill will look up the appropriate zip codes and ask for your permission to enter them automatically.

Smart Fill can also fetch data from the Google Knowledge Graph or your contacts list. Enterprise customers with Google Workspace can use Smart Fill to pull data from their business' address book automatically.

Google is rolling out Smart Fill for Sheets now. The company says that all users, including enterprise customers and free accounts, will have Smart Fill by November 5th.

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