Google will let marketers tap its machine learning tools to create more targeted ads | Tech Industry

Google today announced a new suite of machine learning tools aimed at helping marketers create more effective ads.

The tools were unveiled at a Google Marketing Live event. In a blog post, Google exec Jerry Dischler explained that the growing complexity of platforms, particularly mobile, were far outstripping the ability of marketers to design ad campaigns.

Getting ads at just the right time, with strong messages, requires a huge number of images and other creative elements — not to mention the complex calculations for purchasing keywords.

To help, the company unveiled four new products that tap machine learning:

  • Responsive search ads — Uses a machine-learning powered ad format that “mixes, matches, and optimizes creative assets in real time to show the best-performing ad for each search query.”
  • Maximize lift for YouTube — Uses machine learning to optimize ad performance on YouTube by automatically adjusting bids.
  • Local campaigns — Uses machine learning to help get more customers into physical stores by optimizing where ads appear across various Google platforms.
  • Smart shopping campaigns — Uses machine learning to optimize campaigns based on criteria and goals selected by marketers.

Google claims that advertisers who have tested these services have seen clicks increase by 15 percent.

The conference starts at 9 a.m. Pacific and will be livestreamed.

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