Google’s Verily launches digital Covid-19 screening test

SAN FRANCISCO: Google's sister company Verily has begun piloting a site that will screen patients who think they may have Covid-19 and tell them whether they should actually get tested or not based on their responses.

Over the weekend, Google sister company Verily announced that a small collection of residents in California were to gain access on Monday to a resource that will screen them for Covid-19 and tell them whether they should pursue a medical for the virus: Project Baseline.

According to Verily, the online service will tell users whether they qualify for a coronavirus test “based on the responses and testing appointment availability.”

It's been designed to “help local authorities expand testing access in California as the need continues to increase.”

The website will ask those who are eligible for Covid-19 testing (aged 18 or older, a US resident, able to speak and read English, located in an area where testing is offered, and willing to sign the Covid-19 Public Health authorisation form) about their health and the symptoms they've been experiencing.

If they qualify, Project Baseline will let users know where they can get the test done; results will be sent via email.

So far, this is only available to people in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County as it's a pilot program that is still being refined, though the company has plans to drastically expand the service.

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