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, an effort to manage micro-services across various systems in the cloud, has reached its 1.0 courtesy of IBM, Google Cloud, Red and others.

IBM launched Istio along with Google Cloud and Lyft a little more than a year ago. The goal of Istio is to give developers a vendor-neutral way to connect, secure and manage networks of various microservices.

Managing microservices is a critical issue since enterprises are increasingly built on them. By breaking services and applications into smaller parts developers can be more agile. The issue is that managing various microservices requires a good bit of choreography.

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Istio has been expanding its ability to scale the volume of the microservices it can manage along with orchestration tools.

IBM, Google and Red Hat are also working to run Istio on their Kubernetes services. In 2018, Istio has focused on monitoring and access policies, routing APIs, traffic mirroring and connecting to external web services.

Istio 1.0 will be the most stable release so far and include intelligent routing and load balancing, telemetry tools and fleet-wide policy enforcement.


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