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Latin American indie incubator and publisher company Inca  announced it has launched Gualicho Games' Tango: The Game, a 2D point-and-click graphic .

The title shows that Argentina's indie game is still striving to put the region on the map when it comes to making games. The game combines humor, brain-teasing puzzles, and classic dance music. It is available today for $7 on the game's website and Steam for the PC and Mac.

Set in 1930's Buenos Aires, Tango: The Adventure Game centers around a main character loosely based on the legendary Carlos Gardel, the world's most famous Tango artist. The game mixes fact and fiction, humor, and puzzles to craft the story of the history of the Tango and the dynamic culture surrounding it while painting a picture of the city in the early 20th century.

Created by Argentinian indie studio Gualicho Games, Tango features many of Gardel's most famous songs and nods to his films, as well as an original score by Adriana Figueroa Manas and Tango-related trivia.

Tango has appeared at numerous indie game festivals in Latin America and was a 2017 Finalist at the Awesome Games Awards.

“As a storyteller and artist, respectively, Mateo and I liked the narrative potential of the graphic adventure genre and were inspired by studios like Double Fine,” said Martin Arregui, Gualicho's founder and narrative writer. “We had an interest in doing something music-related; Matías and Adriana, our character and audio designers, each have extensive knowledge of the Tango, which is really how the game took shape.”

The pairing with the Buenos Aires-based Inca Games was a natural fit, as one of the Latin American publisher's key missions is to showcase the region's talent and culture.

“There is such a rich history in Latin America; so many stories to tell and an incredible number of talented developers in the region of which the rest of the world is still largely unaware,” said Javier Entelman, CEO of Inca Games. “To us, Tango really embodies the Argentine culture. Gualicho has created a game that's not only relatable for Latin American gamers but showcases key aspects of an important time in the region's history in an engaging way for gamers worldwide.”

Tango: The Adventure Game is available for download today for PC and Mac OS Steam at a discount of $7 (regularly $9).

Above: Tango: The Adventure Game

Image Credit: Inca Games

Based in Mar del La Plata, Buenos Aires, Gualicho Games is a four-person indie game development studio with diverse and extensive backgrounds in narrative fiction, animation, illustration, cartooning, music and game design.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Inca Games is the first Spanish-speaking Latin American games publisher with both a regional and global focus.

In addition to Gualicho Games' Tango: The Adventure Game, Inca will imminently release its flagship title, Element: Space, from its internal studio in-house development team Sixth Vowel, and then Team Guazu's Shadow Brawlers through its incubator and publishing arm.

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