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The UK’s Open Data Institute is dedicated to facilitating the gathering and sharing of data across companies and organisations to help create social good, as well as profits.

Open data is defined as data that can be freely accessed and shared, meaning anyone can harness the power of these insights if they wish. 

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Since the Institute’s launch in 2012,  there are now 270 UK companies and organisations producing or investing in open data as key feature of their business.

Of these companies, 70 percent are using data from the UK government, including information sourced from Companies House, Transport for London, Environment Agency, Met Office and the National Health Service. And almost half (49 percent) are using data from non-government sources. 

These companies have a combined annual turnover of £92bn, proving the profitability of open data to organisations.

Here are some of the most innovative companies using or producing open data right now.

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