Is Google Digging Out Of Reconsideration Request Backlog?

Marie Haynes, who does a lot of SEO penalty recovery work, said on Twitter just yesterday she received two reconsideration approvals from ones submitted back in February and March. In January, we asked if there were longer wait times for these reconsideration requests, I guess maybe there were and now maybe is getting through them all?

Marie wrote “Good news for those who have been waiting forever for reconsideration responses. After several months of having no replies for any of our clients, we got two nice emails today. One filed Feb 4, the second on Mar 10. Looks like Google is working through the queue again.”

It seems to have been an issue prior to COVID-19 but I suspect COVID-19 didn't help the situation. When he was asked by in January, John Mueller said there is nothing out of the oridnary:

This guy who asked said he filled one back in November. He then followed up to say it was responded to in mid January, so about two months.

Marie Haynes was two to three months also.

So maybe now the new wait time can be a few months?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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