LG licensed its ‘webOS’ Smart TV operating system to other Brands

LG is stepping up to the world. It would soon debut its initially exclusive Smart TV called the webOS and be licensed to other companies to use the under different like Android TV and the like.

The South Korean smart TV manufacturer has upheld the quality and exclusivity of the webOS since its release, but all that is about to change.

LG is best known for debuting one of the best Smart Televisions in the world, making it a rival to another South Korean giant, Samsung, in terms of television technology.

While both companies primarily focus on display and the next-generation resolution called the 4K and 8K, respectively, they are also on par with the Smart TV interface and OS.

The company’s Smart TV has been exclusively running with the world-popular webOS, which has been received well by critics and has incorporated several of the latest additions to software like voice command, AI, and others. Moreover, the WebOS has brought other TV integration applications, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Realtek Audio, and others.

LG Licenses webOS Software for Other Brands

According to LG Newsroom, the company is sharing the “expertise” that they have with the webOS with other Smart TV companies, which aims to uphold the same quality and design as LG. Initially, three television brands aim to take part and receive webOS licenses to incorporate it into their display.

Companies including Ayonz, Konka, and RCA are among the firsts to sign up for the service, which would focus on LG’s webOS to be integrated into their Smart Televisions in the coming years.

Not only that, the licensed companies would receive the full suite access and features from LG, including the UX/UI interface that have been the cornerstone for LG.

The South Korean company aims to make the webOS and its Smart TV known to the public more, despite the move to allow other companies to use their software on other TV brands.

The “webOS ecosystem” would ensure top-quality operating system for the said brands of TVs, bringing the experience to every display, especially in areas where LG has not yet reached.

LG Joins Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV

Roku TV and Amazon’s Fire TV are among the firsts to share the secrets and operating system functions of their devices, and LG is the latest to join this venture.

Google has also done this by licensing the Smart Television version of the Android OS for TV and Chromecast OS, which has elevated the companies’ growth in Smart TV.

According to The Verge, LG would join Roku and Amazon’s footsteps as it provides the full suite and experience of the webOS, including its voice search, integrated artificial intelligence (AI), and its Magic Mouse feature.

The company could use this opportunity to boost its revenue and prominence in the Smart TV industry.

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