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LinkedIn announced a slew of updates to its messaging feature today, mostly aimed at improving the mobile experience.

First, users now have the ability to send attachments on the LinkedIn app, including PDF, DOC, XLS, and PPT files. LinkedIn director of product for messaging and groups Chris Szeto told VentureBeat that this was one of the most-requested feature from users, who wanted to more easily send their resume to, say, a hiring recruiter while on the go.

LinkedIn isn’t thought of first and foremost as a messaging app, but the Microsoft-owned platform is determined to be one. According to a spokesperson, the number of messages sent on Linked have grown by 44 percent quarter-over-quarter this year. Other improvements LinkedIn announced today include the ability to copy and paste images into the message box, as well as the ability to expand the chat box to write longer messages.

Another area that LinkedIn is keen on wringing more activity out of is group messages. So it’s rolling out smart suggestions for group messages — now, when users start to type a message, they’ll be prompted to find people from their company, university, or other past organizations they were a part of to create a group message.



“Many members already use group messaging to chat with other professionals who have common interests — for example, professionals who work in the same industry often like to share and discuss articles and trends with one another, and alumni like to reconnect and set up time to get together,” Szeto told VentureBeat.

Microsoft’s latest earnings report, released today, highlighted mobile as a key area for growth — sessions on LinkedIn are up 41 percent year-over-year, with the number of mobile sessions up 55 percent year-over-year. Earlier this year, LinkedIn added the ability to apply for a job with one click, particularly to make it easier to apply for jobs on LinkedIn on mobile.

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