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A report claims that Microsoft is going to implement a new feature into Xbox One called Xbox Community Content that will bring mods and other creations into games at a system-wide level. Sound familiar? Well, it should. That’s similar to the Minecraft Marketplace, which had 295,850 downloads from players acquiring new content in May. And, as always, that content was a mix of worlds, skin packs, and more from the Minecraft Team and its third-party community partners.

But now that the Minecraft Marketplace has proven this can work, Microsoft seems to think it can bring it to other games on its platform. That’s something we’ve seen with Steam Workshop, but it could have an even bigger effect on consoles where modding a game outside of official channels is too difficult for most people.

I’ll be watching to see what Microsoft does with its Community Content platform. For now, it says it has nothing to announce on the subject. But we can still see what’s doing well on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Let’s do the charts.

Here are the top-10 most downloaded pieces of content from the Minecraft Marketplace in May 2018:

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Here’s the top 10 downloads in list form:

  1. City Life
  2. Monsters of the Deep
  3. Prison Escape
  4. BrightStart Daycare
  5. Wildlife: Savanna
  6. Dinosaur Island
  7. Abstraction: Cubes
  8. The Bastion
  9. Summer Mini Games Festival
  10. Relics of the Sky

And here’s the top-grossing list for May 2018:

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And the list:

  1. City Life
  2. Monsters of the Deep
  3. Relics of the Sky
  4. Wildlife: Savanna
  5. Dinosaur Island
  6. Super Racers!
  7. HeroFair
  8. Prison Escape
  9. BrightStart Daycare
  10. Primaveral Tropics

Next month, we’ll get the results from Minecraft Marketplace in June when the platform finally hit Nintendo’s Switch. It should be interesting to see if that causes an increase in downloads as a new platform gets access to community creations.

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