Microsoft Bing Ditches Yelp for Facebook Reviews

The software giant trades one review source for another before its potential dominance in Australia.

How often has an online review from a search engine influenced your shopping habits and nights out? If you use to gauge if a place is worth visiting or not, you may be disappointed to hear that Microsoft is dropping it in favor of Facebook reviews.

Microsoft’s Changes to Bing’s Review Results

The change was spotted on LocalU. Now, when you use Bing to bring up a business’ details, the search engine uses Facebook as its primary way of judging if you should go or not.

The search engine hasn’t entirely dropped support for Yelp. However, Bing’s former primary source has been demoted to the “ from the web” section underneath the main information.

So, why did Microsoft make this move? The exact reason is unknown but it may have something to do with the software giant preparing to push Bing if Google decides to leave Australia over a controversial new law. As for whether Facebook reviews will prove better than Yelp’s, we’ll have to wait and see.

Doing an About Face(book) for Bing’s Reviews

If you use Microsoft Bing to look up local businesses, you’ll find that it’ll begin using Facebook over Yelp for its primary review source. We’ll have to see how this affects Bing’s search results in the future.

If you’d instead not rely on a search engine to check out your local restaurants, there are apps out there dedicated to helping you choose where to eat next.

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