Microsoft Teams add new feature ‘Together Mode’ soon

According on the latest updates found in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, two of the most-requested Microsoft Teams features namely the and “ ”, will have their general availability in the coming months.

The first feature in the roadmap is the CalendarShow As in meetings” which is already in ’s calendar but not in Teams. This will enable organizers and participants of a meeting to choose a “Calendar Show as Status” feature such as free, busy, or out of office (OOF) to reflect their availability for the scheduled meeting.

Furthermore, this outlook feature will let organizers select a private meeting functionality which will allow users to keep the meeting details private from other users when their calendar is shared.

The second feature in development will allow the organizer and presenters to start the meeting in ”Together Mode” for all the participants.

Microsoft  Teams users have been adamant in requesting a “Show As” option since the pandemic forced people to work in the comfort of their homes. The lack of this feature has made it difficult for workers to meet key deadlines since they are unable to edit their Teams’ status once their outlook availability is set.

However, the update has only been added to the roadmap last April 13. The general availability of this feature is expected to roll in June, which will be available for Mac and Desktop users only.

Together Mode as Default

Meanwhile, Microsoft users have also been requesting to improve the Together Mode feature of the software since the participant has to manually set it for themselves.

Microsoft has responded by adding an update that will set Together Mode as the default view for all persons in the meeting. This feature is beneficial for organizers because it will lessen the burden of organizers to tell every participant to switch to Together Mode.

The update was added to the roadmap last April 15, and Teams users are expected to enjoy this feature next month for Mac and Desktop users as well.

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