Microsoft will bring its antivirus software to iOS and Android

has revealed its plans to bring its Defender software to both and iOS later this year.

The software giant is currently developing apps for both mobile operating systems which will provide antivirus prevention along with a “full command line experience”.

However, Microsoft has not yet shared any details regarding the functionality of the apps yet but it does plan to preview them at the upcoming RSA conference.

Defender apps

Microsoft’s mobile Defender apps will likely be quite different than their desktop counterparts and this is partly because Apple doesn’t allow apps to scan for malware on iOS.

On Google’s mobile operating system however, there are already a number of antivirus apps that are capable of detecting malware in apps that have been sideloaded onto a user’s device.

Phishing prevention will likely be one of the main features for Defender on iOS and Android as Microsoft looks to protect businesses from having their employees reveal their usernames, passwords and other account information to potential attackers.

Defender for mobile will be part of the company’s enterprise security platform and as of now it is still unclear as to whether or not Microsoft will make its antivirus apps available to consumers.

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