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The retro gaming market is massive these days, with new, smaller versions of classic games consoles, such as the SNES Classic , and the release of remastered 80s and 90s titles showing no sign of slowing down.

However, as cool as Spyro Reignited Trilogy is, most self-respecting gamers of a certain age have always had a yearning for owning their own cabinets, maybe an entire coin-op emporium.

The only issue is, it is unlikely you have the space to site full-size arcade machines. Even a multi-game cabinet is a bold purchase if you live in a London apartment.

That's why My Arcade's mini reproduction machines of some of the arcade greats of yesteryear are such a great idea. They won't break the bank either.


The company has a couple of ranges, including gameboy-looking handhelds that feature several 8-bit games in one device, but its Micro Player line-up is of particular interest.

Each one features a fully-working, classic Namco or Data East game, playable on a full-colour 2.75-inch LCD screen. Each cabinet is 6.75-inches tall and has fetching decals taking from original assets.

There is a tiny joystick plus fire buttons if needed. The joystick also unscrews and you can play with a directional pad instead.

While plastic, each machine is sturdy, which we discovered at Gamescom in Germany. They can be battery operated using four AA batteries, or you can power them through micro USB cable. You get a volume control and headphone socket at the back.

We saw Pac-Man and Galaga from the Namco line-up, and Burger Time from Data East. The screen is tiddly but works well with the simple graphics of these games.

The most pleasant surprise though is that each machine is just £30. Numskull will soon release its own versions – albeit much larger being quarter-size replicas – and those will be £150. My Arcade's range, therefore, is a cheap way to create an entire arcade of mini coin-ops.

If you don't really have the space for multiple models though, you can always wait a bit longer. Come the holidays, My Arcade is also releasing a multi-game cabinet that is slightly larger, has a bigger, portrait screen and comes pre-loaded with a large selection of games from the Namco Museum.


It is officially licensed from Namco Bandai and we got to see a prototype version during Gamescom. It will be a lot more expensive, at £130, but you are getting many more games in the one unit. And its size makes it more comfortable for longer gaming sessions.

We'll being you more details on the Namco Museum cabinet closer to Christmas. In the meantime, you can check out and buy the My Arcade Micro Player machines from the official online store at

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