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It’s not just the 3 that keeps leaking before Google’s next week –  we already have an idea of other devices that may launch, including a smart display and new Chromebooks. Now we’re getting a good look at one more expected device, Google’s third-generation Chromecast, thanks to yet another leak.

As spotted by The Verge, a now-deleted Reddit post showed off a new ‘Smart TV’ kit, complete with a Google Home Mini and the new Chromecast in tow. This happened a week after Best Buy managed to accidentally sell the new Chromecast to a customer as well. Woops.

Unfortunately, the leak doesn’t provide much in the way of new details. There’s no mention of 4K or HDR n the packaging, which makes us think this will just be a basic refresh of the original, HD-only chromecast. You’ll still have to fork up some cash for the extra resolution, it seems. But presumably Google wouldn’t refresh the device without some sort of a change, so at least we know Google will have something left to show off next week.

Published October 5, 2018 — 21:14 UTC

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