One of Europe’s biggest carriers is bringing 5G service to 16 UK cities next year | Tech Industry

The United Kingdom’s biggest cell carrier, EE, announced plans today to launch proper 5G mobile service throughout parts of the region, with a 16-city rollout planned for 2019. The first phase of the rollout will begin with capital cities across the UK, including Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London. Two other England cities, Birmingham and Manchester, are also included in phase one, which is scheduled for sometime next .

EE is focusing its efforts on high-volume centers in those first six cities, including Hyde Park in London, the Manchester and Belfast airports, Edinburgh’s Waverley train station, the Welsh Assembly, and Birmingham’s Bullring shopping center. EE joins other European , like Vodafone and Three UK, with plans to make 2019 the big launch year for mobile 5G.


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