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Now transferring from your iPhone to your new device is going to be much easier. The Chinese smartphone maker has added support for iOS on its Switch app.

For those who are not aware OnePlus’ switch apps lets you transfer your photos, messages, videos, contacts, and apps to a new OnePlus device without having to connect to the internet. This was earlier not possible with but now OnePlus’ new OnePlus Switch’s beta version will make it possible. However, due to restrictions in iOS only contacts, messages, images, and videos can be migrated.

To understand the long and lengthy procedure of migrating data from OnePlus to iOS or vice-versa you can head over here.  The gist is basically you need to download the OnePlus Switch app on your OnePlus device and the iOS app from OnePlus website.

For the latter special permissions are needed to be granted. On your OnePlus device if you are receiving information from the iPhone select “I’m a new phone” and if you have to send information then select “I’m an old phone”.

Turn on the hotspot on your OnePlus device, connect your iPhone and start transferring your data to your OnePlus device or the other way round.

It may not be the most refined process as there are still some authentication steps that come in-between, but if you wanted a way to get some important files from your iPhone to your OnePlus, now you know how. The stable version of the OnePlus Switch app should come out soon.

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