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The government is looking to create a national identification system to boost the electronic commerce sector and fight cybercrimes at the same time, Gobind Singh Deo said today.

The communications and multimedia minister said instances of fraud were among the top concerns for e-commerce today, as buyers are unable to verify the identity of the person advertising their goods or services on the internet.

“We feel if we can formulate a ID, it would make it easier to market goods on e-commerce platforms and expand the further,” Gobind said at the Malaysiakini E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Summit here.

He added that a similar concept is being used in other countries, which Malaysia will refer to in the process.

“But to begin the process, we may need to look at existing legislation and make any amendments so that we can ensure this will be legal.

“A digital ID platform will also increase confidence, since they know they are contacting the right people, thus reducing the scope for crimes such as e-commerce fraud,” Gobind said.

He indicated that the government will need time to decide whether or not it would introduce the digital ID system as his ministry needs to discuss and obtain feedback from financial institutions and other agencies, including the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation.

“The digital ID is still in its infant stage, so nothing has been presented to the Cabinet yet.

“We have to be careful and look from all different sides, so I hope we can come up with something by the middle of next year,” Gobind said.

He added that he will provide updates on the idea later on.

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