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– AI Deep Learning technology that predicts the following week's global markets

– Available in both Korean and English


Qarasoft (CEOs Luke Byun and Katie Son) recently launched the version of KOSHO (, Robo Advisor app for forecasting the next week's global markets.

KOSHO's Market Dreamer, a deep learning technology used by Qarasoft, analyzes more than 400 million global data in stocks, , and cryptocurrency markets, and provides predictions for the following week using company information, live market updates, and news reports. Users will automatically receive coins when they check the forecasts for stocks, financial, and cryptocurrency markets, and later use them for rewards. With coins, users can buy gift coupons or coffee at the selected stores in the app or a detailed global stock portfolio such as “Deep Learning Top 10 Stock Forecasts”.


Katie Son, CEO of Qarasoft remarked “I found that too often, individual investors with little to no experience have a difficult time understanding financial reports and other technical analysis. They also lack the patience and mentality to research and study the market on their own. So they end up investing out of a hunch or they hire expensive advisors.” She added, “To resolve this issue, we've created a service that's reliable, quick, and cost-efficient. At the moment, users can only check the predictions for stocks, oil, gold, and financial and cryptocurrency rates. But in the future, our goal is to allow users to actually invest through the app.”

KOSHO is available to download for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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