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While every other smartphone manufacturer was happily boarding the -express, Samsung defiantly stayed away, going so far as to mock  phones. However, at Samsung’s developer conference on 10 November, the company revealed the future of its smartphones, and notches are a part of that future.

This doesn’t mean that Samsung will be putting a notch in all its smartphones. The likes of the upcoming Galaxy S10 and perhaps even the Note 10 are likely to remain notch-free, while mid-range devices could be the first Samsung devices to come with notches.

As per a report by The Verge, Samsung showed a presentation slide which showed several notch that we can expect to see on upcoming Samsung smartphones. “We’re going to keep going. The bezels are going to shrink even further,” said Hassan Anjum, a director of product marketing at Samsung.

The different notch designs shown on the slide were called Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O, and New Infinity.  The Infinity U and V are small notches cut on the centre of the display’s top and is nearly identical to the notches seen on the Vivo V11 Pro and Oppo F9 Pro. The Infinity O looks to be a hole in the display on the left side and we have seen such an implementation in the renders of the upcoming Galaxy A8s.

The last one, called the New Infinity, seems to be the most interesting of the lot as it a bezel-less screen without a notch, however, as per the report, Anjum didn’t discuss this one onstage.

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Samsung, the company that made such a mockery of Apple’s notched smartphones, is now in the uncomfortable position of having to eat its own words. So far, it seems that Sony is the only manufacturer that has stayed true to the notch-less ideal. But for how long?

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