Scurri is supporting e-commerce retailers through a crisis

Our Start-up of the Week is Scurri, a cloud-based software provider from Wexford that connects and optimises the online ordering, shipping and delivery process for .

We spoke to Sarah Murphy, Scurri’s head of marketing, about why the start-up was founded and who the cloud-based logistics platform is targeting.

Founded in Wexford in 2010 by Rory O’Connor, Scurri provides cloud-based software designed to meet e-commerce business needs. Murphy told, that the start-up aims to add value at multiple stages during the e-commerce journey, from selecting the most effective delivery option for each package, to providing tracking from dispatch to delivery.

Some of the start-up’s customers in the UK and Ireland include eBay, Gousto and Vision direct.

Prior to joining Scurri, Murphy worked in sales and marketing for the last 15 years, with companies including Sky, Zurich and Social Talent. Her background and areas of speciality include data analysis and segmentation, demand generation strategies, and media trends and optimisation.

The target market

“The logistics and shipping process is a complex one, and whether you are a large or small retailer, there are many different challenges that need to be navigated in order to sell competitively in a global market,” Murphy explained.

“Couple this with the ever-increasing consumer expectations for Amazon Prime-like service and many retailers can feel the pressure of competing to remain relevant. We automate the entire process for these retailers to ensure time- and cost-effective delivery processes.”

In addition to helping retailers select delivery options, Scurri also provides labelling and tracking from dispatch to delivery with the goal of helping retailers scale and reach customers around the world. The start-up has integrated its solution with a number of global carriers to try and ensure that packages make it to customers as quickly as possible.

“Though we are active in many markets, in terms of executing on behalf of our customers, our goal for the company is to establish customers outside of the UK and Ireland,” Murphy said. “We are hoping to expand into the German market next year, and despite the current pandemic, we are confident we will still be on track to do so.”

The team

The start-up was founded by O’Connor after he worked in various roles in Waterford Wedgwood, across sales, marketing and strategic projects. The founder also has a number of business qualifications, including an MBA from Henley Management College.

Murphy said that he was part of the team that delivered a €10m SAP implementation, and subsequently worked as a change management consultant with clients including Heineken, Intel and Siemens.

She explained that this early exposure to the potential of online retail, coupled with O’Connor’s goal to start his own business, helped him to spot an opportunity to create a company that could grow alongside the e-commerce boom.

“We are very fortunate that e-commerce is booming at the moment,” She said. “Within our customer base, we’ve seen a 55pc uplift in online sales over the past two months. Our sales team have also seen a significant uplift in enquiries over recent months, as businesses look to pivot their strategies.”

The journey so far

Scurri was recently named as one of the top 50 global tech start-ups in the Discovery 50, an industry ranking run by Retail Week and World Retail Congress (RWRWC), which is an achievement the start-up is proud of.

“To be seen as a disruptor in the global market is something we are really proud of and it’s motivation to continue to grow and innovate in new markets and segments,” Murphy said.

She believes that there is plenty of opportunity for an e-commerce start-up to grow under the current circumstances, and that this was the case even before the coronavirus reached pandemic level.

Murphy said: “I think there’s a growing realisation among business owners that digital first is not something for businesses to aspire to, but a basic necessity in order to survive and compete.

“Retail tech is playing and will continue to play a pivotal role in helping companies survive the current and future challenges that lie ahead.”

With the current push for online retail, Scurri is considering launching another funding round later this year. Murphy said: “Our growth trajectory is strong and we look forward to being able to see through the growth plans we had in mind for this year.”

“Every business is facing its own set of challenges within the current pandemic,” she said. “Covid-19 has and will continue to shape commerce in a profound way. Within these challenges, there are many opportunities.”

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