Spotify, Patreon Team up to Help Podcast Creators Grow Their Audiences

In a move to better support content , Spotify is collaborating directly with to facilitate creators in earning from their work. This partnership aims to enhance the support available to those producing engaging content.

Spotify, Patreon Collaboration

enthusiasts and creators alike are in for exciting news. Spotify announced on its newsroom that it is taking a step further in supporting content creators by integrating with Patreon.

For podcasters, turning to Patreon has been a way to add an income source by sharing exclusive content. This collaboration allows creators to link their Spotify and Patreon accounts, granting access to patron-exclusive podcasts within your favorite audio content hub.

This development follows Spotify's earlier announcement in March about partnering with Patreon to enable creators to publish subscriber feeds to the platform through the Spotify Open Access API.

After thorough testing, this partnership is now available for all creators. Co-president and chief product and technology officer Gustav Söderström emphasized the significance of this partnership. He highlighted that Spotify's collaboration with Patreon empowers creators and provides listeners access to diverse content.

According to Phone Arena, this partnership opens new avenues for podcasters, enabling them to tap into Spotify's massive global audience of over 551 million users and expand their show's reach while boosting their income.

What's New on Spotify?

Additionally, a new feature is being trialed to assist creators in promoting their Spotify subscriptions. It involves displaying a banner at the top of their free show page, directing users to their paid content, streamlining the experience for current subscribers, and ensuring they can access their paid content seamlessly.

Android Police reported that it also facilitates potential subscribers in discovering subscription choices. This feature will be accessible to creators using Spotify's integrated platforms, including Patreon, Supporting Cast, Supercast, and others.

A significant takeaway was centered on aiding creators in effectively promoting and welcoming new members to their Patreon community through Spotify.

Through a collaborative effort, they have devised methods that enable creators to seamlessly promote their paid podcasts within their free podcasts on the platform. Patreon's Chief Product Officer Julian Gutman expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with Spotify.

He highlighted the seamless integration of Patreon's cutting-edge membership tools, offering creators a platform to expand their businesses, host listener communities, and directly engage with their devoted listeners.

Gutman noted that this partnership between Patreon and Spotify embodies shared principles and a vision for a fresh era in internet content creation.

Unlike platforms that foster enclosed systems, both apps are forging an open ecosystem that delivers amplified value to all, strongly emphasizing creators and their audience.

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