Telegram faces a massive outage across the globe 

The most popular cloud-based instant messaging application, , faces a massive today in various parts of the world. Precisely users who are using telegram in PC are hugely affected from the outage more than 1000 users reported the breakdown of telegram within the last one hour.

User’s from India could not access telegrams in some parts of India. Many users shared their grievances on the Twitter platform.

A Twitter post from “Warner Music SG” reads, ” It was just for a few minutes, but I did want to die,” and another Twitter post from an Indian user named Shubanshu Shukla reads, “BREAKING NEWS: #TelegramDown across India and southeast asian countries.” It hints at a massive breakdown of telegram across the globe.

As you can see, the figure mentioned above shows the number of reports that users reported about the study of telegram over the past 24 hours. An outage is set when the number of words higher is elevated from the baseline, represented by the yellow line.

It is worth mentioning that popular social media platforms Instagram and Facebook faced a major eight-hour outage in October, and it generated an immense impact among netizens. Millions of users reportedly complained about the issues on Twitter. No wonder Twitter was built with an indestructible firewall until it faced a breakdown soon after Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, the popular cloud-based instant messaging service earned great adoration earlier this year promptly after meta-owned WhatsApp made some quite significant changes to its Privacy Policy.

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