The Google Play Store is ready to host Android system updates

Although some device manufacturers have made an effort to keep up with the race for , fragmentation is still a big problem for Google today. But, apparently, the G has a solution called the Google Play Store.

Although Google has stopped publishing official statistics on the worldwide distribution of the Android operating , among other things without any notice or motivation, we can certainly exclaim that ambitious initiatives such as Project Treble have not made a big difference in the speed of updates. However, the search giant is about to implement a particular change that could give a big hand to manufacturers.

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Instead of receiving operating system updates via device settings, it is likely that will get a new option that can do the same thing directly in the Play Store. The news comes from colleagues at 9to5Google, who have found this information in the source code of the new version of the app.

Obviously, the feature is not yet available and we do not know when Google will implement it. It is also likely that it will never happen, since Google often tests new features internally without ever putting them into practice or distributing them to its users.

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However, this seems like a very good idea. With a function like the one described above, users would be able to update both their and operating system in one, much more user-friendly place, rather than digging through the various settings screens.

Needless to say, this small improvement also makes it much more convenient to distribute updates to manufacturers, who may be increasingly encouraged to update their products in the shortest possible time.

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Would you agree if Google decided to go down this path?

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