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Electronic Arts and its Maxis studio are adding to the iOS version of The Sims FreePlay via a new update dubbed Brilliant Backyards.

The new AR multiplayer feature for iPhone and iPad uses Apple's new ARKit 2, and the updated game is now available on the app store. Players can bring their Sims into the real world and share their experiences with a friend. AR is a hot new technology, and it is available on everything from smartphones to special glasses. Over time, the AR market is expected to hit tens of millions of users in the next few years.

Apple users can team up with a friend for real-time co-op building, using thousands of in-game objects to build homes together. They can then place their creations anywhere in the real world. The Brilliant Backyards update also brings in fall season activities and objects with new seasonal live events, quests, objects, Sims fashion, and more.

Since its launch in 2011, The Sims FreePlay has garnered more than 358 million unique lifetime players and it still has more than 11 million unique monthly players.

With a new live event, players can unlock the latest outdoor items to make their Sims' gardens better. Additionally, they'll be able to play the Fashion Designer Hobby Event, showing off fresh fall styles, treat their Sims with a visit to the Day Spa Live Event, or trick them with fan-favorite Halloween Seasonal Quests.

Players can tie the AR experience to a specific location and come back to it anytime.

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