Trion Worlds launches Defiance 2050 reboot without SyFy TV show | Tech Industry

Trion Worlds has launched Defiance 2050, a reimagined third-person shooter in a massively multiplayer online sci-fi world. The game is a reboot of Defiance, one of the most ambitious online games ever attempted by a game startup. It’s on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It takes the story and gameplay of the original and gives it a major overhaul.

Trion Worlds launched the earlier game to mixed reviews in 2013, and the SyFy television network aired a Defiance TV show in tandem with the game for three seasons. The show and game were meant to complement each other, with intertwined storylines. But SyFy canceled the show in 2015, and the online shooter continued.

In the new story, 20 years have passed since the catastrophic Arkfall event left millions of alien Votans dead and Earth terraformed into a nearly unrecognizable postapocalyptic landscape. In Defiance 2050’s version of San Francisco, players explore an open world, where they can fight in skirmishes and take on story-driven missions.

The big battles were dynamic, meaning they could pop up anywhere in the landscape, and players had to drop what they were doing and band together to destroy huge creatures. Trion had done similar events with its MMO, Rift.

In the Defiance 2050, players will again engage in massive cooperative battles with their friends, use hundreds of weapons and skills, and take on huge alien threats as they explore this transformed future Earth.

Trion Worlds has other successful games such as ArcheAge, Atlas Reactor, Rift, and Trove. Players will be able to purchase launch packs for the game that will unlock additional classes and upgrades, as well as provide in-game currency.

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