Uber and Uber Eats Live Activities Feature For iOS 16

Support for Activities in iOS 16 has been slowly expanding since the feature was launched as part of iOS 16.1. Now, is starting to roll out Live Activities support for and Uber . This allows users to easily track their rides and orders via the Lock Screen or the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island.

Uber Ride and Uber Eats rolling out Live Activities

When Apple announced Live Activities, the Uber app was one of the examples it showed off. The feature, however, wasn't available until now. The launch of Live Activities for Uber was first spotted by a user on Reddit, who saw the option appear for an Uber ride yesterday. Another user on Twitter also reports that they have seen the feature for both Uber and Uber Eats.

The Live Activity feature for Uber shows an animation of your ride or delivery's progress. For instance, for an Uber ride, you'll see a basic progress bar showing how close you are to your destination as well as your estimated drop-off time. The drop-off time adjusts based on your actual ETA to account for things like traffic and other delays.

For the Uber Eats app, you'll see live progress of your order as it's prepared by the restaurant, picked up by the delivery driver, and ultimately delivered to your front door.

According to these users, the implementation of the Uber Live Activity in the Dynamic Island leaves a few things to be desired. As of right now, it shows the estimated time of your arrival alongside a cab icon. You can, however, long-press on the Dynamic Island to view all of the Live Activity's information. There are also apparently some bugs with how Uber's Live Activity coexists with the built-in Live Activity that appears when your iPhone's GPS is in use.

As it stands today, it appears Uber is slowly rolling out Live Activities for Uber and Uber Eats users. Not everyone is seeing the new feature just yet, signaling the company might be doing a staged rollout as it continues to test the feature.

You can download the latest versions of the Uber and Uber Eats apps from the App Store. Also, make sure you have Live Activities enabled for those apps by going to the Settings app, finding the Uber and Uber Eats apps, then enabling the “Live Activities” toggle.

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