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Video technology development company Jocoos has received an investment of 1 billion Won (approximately 924 thousand Dollars) from KTB Network. The start-up was established by Changhoon Choi, former researcher at TmaxSoft and KT Cloudware, and it has developed proprietary video-related technology, such as instant video editing and data transmitting.

Its video conversion technology can convert videos of various formats to playable forms on all mobile devices, and its video compression technology can minimize the capacity of videos without deteriorating image quality. In addition, Jocoos has developed a video player that can play 2D, 3D, and virtual reality video, and it provides its own solutions to other video service companies.

A KTB Network official commented, “Jocoos is a company composed of professionals who have the technical expertise in the field of video technology. We are confident that the superiority of Jocoos’ proprietary technology will enable it to gain recognition in the domestic and international market.

“We’re very pleased to have gained investment at a time of active marketing, research and development, and technical upgrading. By attracting greater talent, we aspire to make greater progress in the international market and widen our sources of income through targeted streaming and video playback solutions,” stated CEO Changhoon Choi.

Meanwhile, Jocoos is currently working with a number of domestic companies and following its win in the Start-up IR Competition, Jocoos plans to provide business services in China.


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