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Have you ever wanted a dog, or rather, a dog? No? Just us? Either way, it's now possible, thanks to .

has announced it'll release its robot dog, called Aibo, in the US. You can buy it in for $2,899, though it won't ship until the holidays or later. It will come with three years of an AI Cloud service from Sony, as well as a bunch toys, like a pink ball, paw pads, and a charging station. As for AI Cloud, it enables Aibo to push the dog's daily activity to Sony's servers, helping improve the robot's interactions.

This cloud will also allow owners to stay connected with Aibo over Wi-Fi or LTE (through AT&T). Keep in mind Sony showed off this dog at CES 2018 earlier this year, and it doesn't look too much different. It has sensors, cameras, and actuators, allowing it to navigate, identify family members through facial recognition, respond to voice commands, and work through a companion mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Sony hasn't said how many units it plans to make, but it is a limited-edition product. There's also no word on UK pricing and availability.

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