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The public bidder has arrived from Mojave.
The latest update to apple’s MacOS desktop operating system 10.14.
Do you wanna install it?
Here is some thoughts.
Apple’s made a big deal out of the dark theme and certainly nice to have.
You can toggle it on and off at mail but otherwise you get a mix.
If you change the wallpaper from the default [UNKNOWN], the translucent menu bar changes based on the background.
But actually turns out to be [UNKNOWN] in some cases.
For instance, I like as much black as possible in my interface.
And now I get it in the menu bar.
You’ve also probably heard about Stacks for automatically organizing the desktop.
That’s good if you’re okay with grouping them by one of the old sort types or to use the color tags.
And as someone who uses screenshots a lot, but who can never remember the shortcuts, the new command + shift + 5 shortcut to bring up all the options is terrific.
Being able to jump straight into the new mark up view to edit and annotate from the screenshot thumbnail is also really convenient.
But you still can’t easily choose a folder to save them in other than the system defaults.
The new gallery view which you may also know as a film strip view is really usually for scrolling through images and finally being able to see metadata is great.
I loved the ability to combine multiple files into a pdf right there but at least in this beta, there are some drawbacks like the tiny thumbnails as well as some bugs with selections.
And I don’t wanna leave out some passing little changes that deserve note like separating the operating system updates into it’s own system preference and the site icons that appear in Safari tabs.
But some of the new features require iOS 12 to use like the continuity camera.
So if you’re not updating your phone to the beta as well, you’ll have to wait on those.
There’s so much more that won’t fit here, so check out my hands-on of the public beta on CNET.

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