YouTube launch “Add to Queue” feature for Android and iOS

is experimenting with a “Add to ” feature on both Android and iOS. YouTube already has this feature built in. Once the feature is live, you'll find “Play last in queue” at the top of the list in the three-dot overflow menu next to videos.

One can now find a temporary backlog in the YouTube mobile applications. Once the update goes live, the “Play last in queue” option will be located at the very top of the three-dot overflow menu next to videos (excluding YouTube Shorts).

After making a selection, YouTube will create a queue at the bottom of the screen. You can delete objects by swiping to the left, and you can rearrange their display order by dragging.

Playback can be repeated or randomized. When you close the mini-player or dismiss it with a swipe, it removes itself from the queue.

Currently, only YouTube Premium subscribers can participate in the trial. In the upper right corner of the app on Android or iOS, tap your profile avatar, then tap Settings, and finally tap Try new features.

Once you enable the feature, the app may take a while to load the necessary data. The use of a forceful closure or halt can help with this.

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