YouTube new feature lets you download videos on the web

YouTube is testing a new feature for Premium members that allows them to on the web. This means you don’t have to use any shady third-party websites or downloaders to download videos for offline viewing.

Android Police spotted this experimental feature, and it seems quite simple. When you’re browsing YouTube, you’ll see a button below the video player. You can click that and keep the video on your device so you can watch it offline whenever you want.


The feature has been confirmed for India and France, but it looks to be rolling out to YouTube Premium members worldwide. To test whether it’s available for you, head to and check out the Labs page to see if there’s a box labeled “ videos from your browser.” Of course, you’ll need to be logged into your YouTube Premium account for this option to be there.

The new download option is listed as ending October 19, 2021. Because it’s just a feature that YouTube is testing, it makes sense for it to be temporary, but that’s a short shelf life. Hopefully, YouTube decides to keep it around because it makes downloading videos much easier. It prevents people from turning to shady third-party sites and programs to download YouTube videos.

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