YouTube Replace Share Options With New Share Menu

Google has been revamping its for various platforms. Recently, Google Assistant included Spotify for third party podcast services while Google Photos has changed its share menu. Similarly, Twitter also released its new share menu, so its users will find it easier to share the contents they find interesting to a wider range of platforms, reaching more people.

Well, it seems Google has more plans of making changes on the services it offers. Recently, users have recently spotted a new share menu, which is allegedly being tested, although the state of it does not seem to indicate that it is actually true.

Interestingly, while Google Photos and Twitter have added more options on their share menu, has actually reduced the list.

YouTube New Share Menu

Currently, the share menu update is not yet available for all users as it is only showing up for some subscribers through a server-side update. This means that the test is only being done with a small group of people.

The share menu that is currently available for most people allows users to send video links through all supported applications on their phone. It also lists some non-app options such as Bluetooth, Nearby Share, and “Copy link.”

While the new share menu seems identical to the existing one, it loses various sharing options. Many people see one or two apps on the new share menu such as Firefox, Firefox Nightly, or Synology DS File app, but some only finds the options to “copy link, Nearby Share, and “Bluetooth options.

YouTube users Views on New Share Menu

While it is also possible that these changes are just some sorts of bug, but users affected by the change are not happy with the results. In fact, there are users who thought the new share sheet has made the app worse than improve it.

Primarily, why would YouTube limit users’ options in sharing the videos, which could help make the video become more popular and get a lot more views? It does not make any sense since YouTube earns from the popularity of the videos and the views they get. Worse, there is no option to revert to the old share menu or just expand the list of options for sharing.

Since YouTube is known for making unexpected changes that may not really do any good on the app’s performance, many consider this highly-defective new share sheet as an update that YouTube is polishing before rolling it out completely. It works as a market test, so YouTube takes time to think about how it can alleviate the concerns raised by affected users.

How To Restore Old Menu?

The new share menu does not provide option to restore old share menu. However, those who received the server-side update and are not happy with it can still switch back to the old version using APK Mirror and other sources. They can download the YouTube app version 15.40.40, so they can use the full list of share options again.

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