20+ Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone 2018

Today more than billions of users are using OS because it provides lots of features for its users and till now we had discussed so many for Android device. The hacks were really cool and basically, works on android. But today we will be discussing some hacks that you can even perform on nonrooted android too. As rooting your android device voids your device warranty. So have a look on these hacks below to proceed.

Best Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Phone

Using all the cool hacks discussed below you can fully customize your Android device according to your wish and also able to some very cool things with your Android device. So have a look on these hacks for on android below.

Hacks & Tips For NonRooted Android Device:

#1. Hack Games Without Rooting

You can hack your favorite games in your android device using a very cool app that works on the rooted android device too and the apps are Game Killer. Using this app you can implement all new cheats and mods of any game that you want to alter according to your wish. With this, you can also get free coins, lives, rewards and unlock all locked content of any of your favorite game.

#2. Control Desktop From Your Android

Google had launched the application name Chrome Remote Desktop. By using this application you can easily access your computer anywhere using another smart device like the computer, smartphone, and tablet etc.The same extension is for your Google Chrome Browser too. which will let you communicate two devices? And you can get the complete interface of your desktop n your android to control each and everything.

#3. Record Your Android Screen

By recording screen, you can track all the activities of your android when you give your android to someone else like your younger brother, sisters or your friends.The method is very simple and straightforward as you need some of the Screen recording apps for your android that you can use to record the screen of your android to monitor each and everything on your android device.

#4. Use “Edge Display” on your Android

Like S6 Edge you can also use the same interface on your android device using a cool launcher Edge Display that is available for all the android device. This will complete customizing your android device and make your android look cooler. So must try this app and customize your android today.

#5. Automate your Android Settings

You can complete making your Android device works at your fingertips using this method. You can save commands for your android device that is when you do this android will do that and all this is possible with a cool android app that is AutomateIt with this you can save all your commands in your android according to your wish and your device will work exactly that you will save.

#6. Use Android Emulators To Run Your Favorite Old Games

As old is gold and you will never miss out all your favorite games like Mario that you can play on your android device. And this is possible with a cool emulator that you can use to play all your favorite games on your android device. And For that NES Emulator is the best choice where you will get lots of cool games to play on your android.

#7. Control Your Electronic Smart Device With Your Android

You can control all your smart devices like AC, LED TV and another device like a Blu-Ray player etc with your Android device. And this is possible with Complete Guide To Control Smart Devices With Android.

#8. Re-configure Navigation Buttons In Android

Yes, it is possible you can easily configure all the navigation buttons according to your wish. And this will make your android a very handy device to use. For this, you can use the app Home2 Shortcut and with this app, you can alter the functioning of navigation buttons according to your wish.

#9.  Hide Any Whatsapp Media from Phone Gallery

You can refer our post To Hide Whatsapp Images And Videos From Gallery to get the Whatsapp content out from your gallery that is not good all the time. So use the above way and you make your gallery perfect to be displayed to other mates.

#10. Spy Your Incoming And Outgoing Calls Using Automatic Call Recorder

Using Automatic Call Recording apps that work on all android without rooting you can automatically record all the calls that arrived and done from your android device, and then listen to them on your device with the complete time record of each call.

#11. Remove Stock Apps in Android

As we all know, pre-installed bloatware is totally useless, which not only slow down the phone's performance but also consumes lot's of memory. You can read out our post How To Remove Stock Apps In Android Without Rooting that will help you to remove pre-installed bloatware without rooting.

#12. Set More Than One Ringtone

If you are confused to select out your desired ringtone from your favorite two! you can select them both that's too without rooting your Android device. You just need to visit our post How to Set More Than One Ringtones In Android Without Root that will help you to randomize your android ringtone and SMS sound.

#13. Add Home/Back Soft Button Keys On Android

You can add home/back soft button keys on Android touchscreen without rooting your device. You don't need to change your android smartphone for doing so. You just need to visit our post How to Add Home/Back Soft Button Keys On Android Without Root that will help you to add soft button keys on Android.

#14. Add Night Mode Feature In Your Android

You can add Night Mode Vision on your Android devices without rooting your Android smartphone this will help you to see the screen letters easily at the dark light which will protect your eyes from blinding light. You just need to go through our post How To Add Night Mode Feature In Your Android Without Rooting to know about it.

#15. Install Linux On Android Phone

Usually installing Linux on Android devices requires rooting of your smartphone. However, you can install Linux on your Android devices without the need of root. You can visit our post How to Install Linux On Android Phone Without Rooting to know about it.

#16. Play YouTube Videos in Background

Actually, if you have a rooted android smartphone then you might know about Xposed installers which allow you to perform numerous tweaks which also includes playing Youtube Video in Background. However, You can play YouTube Videos in Background without rooting your Android device you just need to go through our post How to Play YouTube Videos in Background Without Rooting Android

#17. Using Android Device As Second Monitor

You can use your Android device screen as a second monitor for your Windows computer or MAC. The best thing is you don't need to root your device for that. We just need to use iDisplay app on our smartphone and computer to use our Android as a second monitor. You can read out our article How to Use an Android device as Second Monitor for your PC or MAC to know how to use iDisplay app.

#18. Using Microsoft's Cortana On Android

Cortana is a personal assistant from Microsoft. It is the same as Google Now. Cortana for Android app is available on Google play store and you can use it on your device without rooting. All you need to do is, visit our article How To Use Microsoft's Cortana On Android to get the full tutorial.

#19. Use Both Data & Wifi at the same time

You can use mobile data and WiFi at the same time. Apps like Super Download and Speedify can boost your internet speed. These two apps let you combine your cellular and WiFi connection for more bandwidth and helps you to keep online when your Wifi stops working. You can visit our article How To Use Both Data & WiFi To Boost Internet Download Speed to know how to use these apps.

#20. Remotely Control One Android With Another

We all have 2-3 Android smartphones in our home. Have you ever thought of controlling your Android devices remotely? There are many apps available on the Google Play store that can help you to remotely control one Android with another. We have listed more than 10 apps in this article.

#21. Change The Look Of Your Status Bar

Well, to change the look of your Android's Status Bar, you don't need to have a rooted device. You can use a simple tool known as Status. The app draws an overlay on top of the system-generated status bar. This is one of the best status bar replacement which you can use on your Android smartphone.

#22. Enable Rounded Corner On Android's Display

This is another best hack which you can do without having a rooted Android device. You just need to use the app known as Cornerfly which makes the edges of your display screen round. The rounded corners on Android give a new and cool look. The app is free, and it doesn't need a rooted Android smartphone to work.

#23. Change The Look Of Your Android's Battery Meter

There is an app known as Energy bar which can be used to add a battery bar on your Status bar. The app is free to download and its already available on Google Play Store. The great thing about Energy bar is that it converts the background of your Android's Status bar to the battery level indicator.

#24. Add Recycle Bin On Android

Well, the Recycle Bin feature is missing on our Android device. However, you can easily add recycle bin on Android with the help of Dumpster. The dumpster is an Android app which works just like Recycle Bin on the computer. The app stores everything that you delete on your Android. Through this, you can easily recover any files that you have unintentionally deleted.

So above are all Best Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone. With these Android hacks, you can easily make your android works according to you and this will also help you to make your Android looks cool. And these methods are very easy to implement and really effective one.

Hope you like our work, do share with other too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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