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Sophie is managing social media accounts for her client and not happy with the engagement she is receiving. She knows about the importance of images to gain engagement in social media but somehow she failed to connect with the audiences. Due to certain limitation in designing skill and after using photo editor apps and tools, she was not able to get the engaging design which directly impacting her performance. If you are also facing the same problem, read on! I have a perfect solution for you and Sophie!

Photo editing app is the answer to Sophie’s problem! you will say, she is already using photo editor tools then how it is the answer to her problem? It is because, selecting the right image editor tool is also very important. We have tried and tested over 100s of photo editing apps on iPhone & devices and based on result, we have selected five of best application that every enthusiast must have in his/her smartphone who is active on social media, especially at Instagram.

#1 Prisma Photo Editor

It hasn’t been long that Prisma photo editor was launched but in a few months, it became the most loved image editing application. The app first launched for the iOS users only but later they launched it on Android platform as well. According to the company, the effects therein follow the styles of legendary artists like Picasso, Van Gogh and Levitan. Well, all we understand that Prisma can seriously turn any photograph into something special!

The effects offered by Prisma are based on artificial intelligence and neural network. Using it is pretty simple. All you need to do is take a picture or import one from your camera roll and start choosing among several filters. There’s a unique intensity to each of the effects. Finally, Prisma also allows you to share the creation across your Instagram, Facebook and other social profiles. Prisma photo editor app received over 100 millions downloads and deserve the #1 spot in our list for sure.

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iPhone Android

There’s an artist in everyone and today, the paintbrushes are in our pockets and go everywhere with us! You would have already understood that we are taking about modern smart phones and their photographic capabilities. It has been 15 years now that phone manufacturers began integrating a camera into phones and the leap has been momentous. As competition in the market increases, device manufacturers and app developers keep coming out with new technologies and new tools to help us make stunning images to share it among personal and social groups. Our another recommendation in the category is one of such stunning app that will definitely boost your creativity without expertise in the field.

#2 SnapSeed

SnapSeed is also very popular photo editing mobile application available on both Android and iOS platform. This application is operated by Google and offers over 29 tools and filters that enhance your photo editing skills to make it more attractive. You can use feature like brush, structure, HDR, healing etc and can open JPG and Raw file as well. With over 50,000,000+ downloads on Android, this is also deserve top position in our list and we strongly recommend using SnapSeed if you are looking for easy and creative mobile app to edit your photographs.

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#3 Ripl

Now, if you are someone who is more into videos than pictures, Ripl would be a great tool. The app has in face become the go-to tool for several businesses trying to cultivate engagement in social platform. Using a set of images and text, Ripl allows you to create short animated videos with exciting effects. You can choose among a variety of layouts to combine images, music, videos, text and animation to tell a more compelling story. It just takes a few moments to get the hang of Ripl but it certainly is an amazing way to engage your followers and fans in social media! Currently the app is only available for iPhone devices.

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#4 PicMonkey

PicMonkey is like mini Photoshop for your mobile device. The app integrates several basic tools and effects that can be incorporated in images and even add certain special elements. Using PicMonkey, you can set to crop, rotate, adjust (resize), change brightness, add special filters, and even do selective editing of an image. You can even add text and ornamentation (emojis and clip-art) to your picture to make it more compelling and ‘cool’.

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The revolution of camera technology has become so intensive that a smart phone without a good camera is thought to be inadequate. Taking photographs and adding some finishing touches has become a standard. Consequently, platforms like Instagram keep on adding new effects and filters to keep away the monotony. Most of the smartphone has inbuilt photo/image editing option but very few users uses it. Users loves to explore creative & amazing photo editor apps to give visual effects to their photographs to share on social media later. The next photo editor app is an unique in the category with millions of downloads and ratings.

#5 Adobe Spark

Now this one comes from a developer that the whole design community relies on. Adobe Spark is meant to make photo editing fun, fast and convenient. You get a variety of tools to work on your photographs, videos and pages. Anyone can create professional quality graphics within minutes and this has also been the reason why this app has become a favorite among social marketers. Brands have been using Adobe Spark for their online newsletters, photo gallery, travel stories, reports and similar things. Well, you don’t need to be an expert to understand and start using the app. The interface is highly intuitive and in some way, can be quite addictive too! Currently Adobe Spark is only available for iPhone devices.

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If you haven’t yet tried these apps yet, give them a go today! Did we miss any of your favorite photo editing apps in our list? Feel free to write us or share here by comment and we will definitely give them a try.


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