5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting Podcasts

Podcasts are now part of our lives, whether you listen to them on your morning commute or during the shower. It’s like listening to the radio but you have endless options to choose from and you can listen to an endless supply of podcasts.

I guess the video isn’t as important anymore.

If you are a podcast fan, then you know what exactly are the things that make a podcast go from good to bad.

If you are planning on making a podcast of your own sometime, soon then making sure you have not done any mistakes is more important than the content itself.

Being a little meticulous and looking at those possible mistakes will get you far away. To get you started we have the top five mistakes anyone having a podcast could make but has to avoid making.

Podcasting is becoming more popular nowadays and is a very powerful medium to get huge audience base.

As per the research right now there are 750,000 active over with 30 million episodes are there as of 2019.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when podcasts

1. Know your tone

Not realizing our tone of speech is what we usually do while speaking in casual conversations. Most of the times we overlook this in podcasts because we don’t realize when our tone is going off. It’s the listeners that do realize because they will be listening intently.

Running a successful podcast would certainly need a good tone of speech which has to stay consistent throughout. Even a slight up or down can be easily noticed in a podcast.

You can alter the tone based on the kind of podcast it is. Think about what your listener would be expecting in a certain situation and develop that tone through practice.

2. Sound quality matters

Imagine having listened to jittery sound like listening to something on the radio. You wouldn’t want your podcast to sound like that. Most people think that making a podcast is easy.

Well, yeah getting into is easy but having a good podcast with excellent audio quality isn’t an easy task.

For good sound quality, I advise you to go with good podcasting mics.This will help you record professionally and if you are actually serious about conveying your message, then start out professionally because first impressions are the best ones.

Learn how to record using these mics properly and many of them now have functions that have made it much easier to record. You might also have to think about where you will be recording if you want no disruptions at all.

3. Know your field

Considering its an easy medium to enter, many people are experimenting with podcasts nowadays.

How you can stand out from the rest is what you need to think upon. Most people hosting a podcast will just start out without knowing what’s already there and that’s where they go wrong.

Do good research on what’s already there and what new you could get into. Having a podcast on something that is already there will not interest your listener sometimes.

There might be people better than you who are making podcasts more impressive. You could develop your own genre this way.

4. Filter constantly

We all hate our old Facebook pictures which we posted when we just started using the social media app.

In the same way, podcasts can also get old at some point. You have to keep filtering out what you want to show on your channel.

The user will mostly start out with the first one you posted. Think about the first impression that you would want to have on your listener. If you think there are few audios that don’t match with the style you have now, it’s totally fine to delete them out.

This way you can cater to a particular audience as well. It’s all about what you show on the list.

5. Consistency is the key

Have a schedule for posting for the same reason because not every listener will wait. Have drafts ready in advance or record in advance to make sure you post regularly.

Having enough podcasts up when you start out is good. This way listeners have a good enough time to pass. When you have a certain audience, you can manage your own schedule.

Your feasibility also matters a lot here, so whatever schedule you decide to follow, make sure it is consistent enough to keep the listeners on their toes always.


Podcasts may sound easy at first but that’s it. Once you get into the details of it, that’s when you realize that making a good podcast needs effort and paying attention to every minute details.

Once you have your own thing going and your rhythm set, then it will be an easy thing to do. Just make sure you avoid these mistakes.

Hope you guys found this post helpful.

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