5 of the Best Speech-to-Text Apps to Make Dictating Easier in Android | Tips & Tricks

When the message you have to type is short, you may have no problem typing it out. But, when it's longer than usual, you might consider using a speech-to-text app. These kinds of will type what you have to say without you having to type a single letter.

Here are some of the best speech-to-text apps you can install on your phone.


Gboard by Google makes it to the top of the list due to very accurate voice typing and glide typing. You can speak at a normal speed, and Gboard will be able to keep up. If you see that Gboard made a mistake, you can always use the text-editing feature. Tap on the colorful G and choose “text editing.”


Gboard has other great features such as GIFs, stickers glide typing, Google Translate, and it supports an extensive amount of languages as well. By sliding on the spacebar, you can move the cursor, and by doing the same with the back button, you can erase various words at the same time.

If you're looking for a speech-to-text app that won't replace your keyboard, give Speech Texter a try. It's an easy-to-use app that will type what you dictate. It will add a widget to your home screen so you can create a memo instantly. The memo can either be Tasks, Images, Voice, or Drawings.


Tap on the hamburger icon -> Dictionary, and you can either change or add what the app types. For example, by default, the app will type a period only if you say “Full Stop.” By tapping on the command, you can have the app type the period by merely mentioning the word period. If at any time you want to use your keyboard, tap on the keyboard icon at the bottom left of your display.

A battery efficient app you might want to consider is Voice Text. One of the various features it offers is being able to place calls by voice. By pressing the Play button, you can have the app play any unread messages. This is very useful when you're expecting an important message but can't read it because you're driving.


You can also go distraction-free by pressing the car and power icon at the top. By going into the settings of the app, you can enable/disable options such as starting a new message by voice, managing the voice dictionary, getting a longer listening time, allowing speakerphone when making a phone call and more.

If your notes are usually short ones, Voice Notes can help you create them. Use the speech recognition to create your notes, and if you've made a mistake, you can also use the built-in editing tool to make the necessary changes. The app also includes a share option, just in case you need to send a note to a friend.


You can use the speech-to-text for either creating notes or reminders. The reminders you create can alert you by setting it to vibrate or sound or both. You can also have the reminders repeat. To keep things organized, you can also create categories your notes will go into. It would have been better if the app would show you detailed info about the reminder in your device's notifications, but it's still a good app.

Speechnotes is one feature-rich app. It allows you to use your Bluetooth device to dictate your notes, and you can pause as long as you want without having to tap on the mic icon again.  The app doesn't make you register, and by tapping on the send icon, you can share what you've dictated through any app you have on your device.


There is also a widget for you to install for easy access, and you can also export your files to the SD card. The app has a simple design and doesn't lag at any moment. When you start a new sentence, it will add the space and capital letter automatically. Even though you get the best results when connected to the Internet, it's not a must to use the app.

The more time you can save the better, and by using a speech-to-text app, you save a considerable amount of time. Which app you decide to go with will obviously depend on which individual features you are looking for. Which one are you going to try out first?

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