5 technologies that can help your business in turn around

Almost every day, a new device or software jumps into the market. Each pops in with a promise to make things better, easier and profitable. As much as they facilitate the business and the user, keeping up with the rapid pace of developments is overwhelming. It often exhausts the people involved to stay in the loop.
On the flipside, it is impossible to imagine a world without technology. A clever strategy to infuse tech with current business activities helps to get past the recurring challenges and also assures periodic incremental improvements.

The only key is to analyze the current workings carefully, identify the loose ends and work to eliminate the weak areas. Essentially, a business turnaround requires a technological approach that unlocks the full energy of the organization. Consider what innovations you will need to achieve your strategic plan, research the ones you think may bring solutions and be sure to get periodic feedback from all stakeholders.
Here are five ways technologies can help you improve your business turnaround:

Real-time inventory tracking

In case you are operating at different locations, tracking the efficiency of your inventory management is extremely important. Using traditional methods can slow down the overall operations of the company. It asks for constant manual follow-ups of each location. On the other hand, a software integrated with inventory management allows you to manage inventory from anywhere.

Software for inventory management automates the complex factors along with sending notifications when an item is low or out of stock. Things have become pretty easy with these software developments. You can also go for a collaboration of inventory software with deal management software. It will allow you to organize and extract deal info in a structured way.

It is desirable for a business that handles stock to give a shot to these software infusions. It saves you the trouble of skimming through useless entries.

Improving Communications

is a kind of organizational change. The urgency of actions and the acceleration of change means effective communication is a must. It is important to have a communication that opens a channel for the real-time company discussions. It has to be a two-way street. For starters, you have to convey the basic ideologies that run your business and build up a culture of open communication. Recent cloud and mobile technology can help workers to collaborate when they are in the field, working remotely or at different office stations.

Using the Cloud can help them work together while seeing and discussion contribution of each another. There are some other platforms such as Intranet and video conferencing to reach the staff. These assist in fostering a flexible and simulating workplace that motivates the team to generate innovations.

Enhanced Customer Segmentation

Only a certain percentage of the population will buy your product or use your service. Modern marketing tech enables businesses to group customers more effectively. Analytic tools allow the business to segment prospects so they can target them with high precision. Analytic platforms like Google Analytics allows to group customers by factors such as geographic location, size, and type of organization, the lifestyle of consumers, their attitudes and behaviors.

In turn, the segmentation helps increase conversions. It leads the business to refine their offerings, approach, and tone adopted towards the target segment’s niche. Ignoring synthesis of these tools results in the business missing out on potential leads while effective segmentation is synonymous to elevating conversions.


Social media is one of the most useful ways for brands to generate attention. Research reveals that 81% of the Millenials check Twitter once a day at least. Whereas, 1.28 billion people log in to Facebook every day. It is indeed an excellent opportunity for the business to engage its customers and show off the expertise. It is possible that your social media strategy is struggling at present. But a couple of tech alterations can transform the poorly performing campaigns into success stories.

To simultaneously juggle all social media platforms can be a time-consuming endeavor. To ease up things, you can easily avail the software such as Everypost to save time. It also can schedule posts for a particular date. Other ways include checking reach on each forum. For Twitter, click on the “Tweets” tab to figure out the reach. And for Facebook, you can consult the “Page Insights.”

The social media landscape is vast. There is no way you can expect a turnaround if you are not promoting it on the right mediums.

Improving Products

Needless to say, technology enhances your operations and product development. Using pipelines sales tools can give you a clear view of all your products and their position in the sales funnel. Alternatively making use of a 3D product preview to help the clients have an idea of what your product looks like. All you need to do is to determine the equipment you need to evaluate, redesign and stay updated about the product position. If the business is successful in reaching out an appropriate approach, they can easily make it to the top of their game.

A business turn around needs a whole new outlook on different areas and technology is a part that you can not ignore. All these tech changes can boost the business profile. They can follow potential leads and customers. And, weeding out the sore points also becomes easy.

So, scrutinize the technological side of your business and go for the ones you find viable. A meticulous addition of functional tech tools will not only allow you to upgrade, but you can also showcase your reliability with confidence.

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