5 tips and tricks for you to try out on Google Maps

When it comes to navigation apps, we Malaysians try our best to look for the ones that don’t get us lost. We have a saying, “Guna Pun Sesat” (GPS) that refers to the navigation system that always brings us to somewhere we have never been before in Malaysia. However, the navigation apps today are different as technology improves over time and you can totally rely on them.

1. Add stops into your route

Google Maps allows you to add the places you want to stop by before reaching your final destination. It is totally hassle-free as you don’t have to search for all the places all over again just to plan out your trip.

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     Here’s how:

  • Enter a location in Google Maps search tab
  • Tap ‘Directions’
  • Tap the ‘three-dot-menuthree dot.png’ on the top right corner
  • Choose ‘Add stop’.
  • Tap ‘Finished’ after you have done adding all the stops

2. Access offline

When you run out of your data, or you have no ‘line’ at certain places, you can always get access to the maps without being online on Google Maps. You can also use the offline maps without turning on data roaming while travelling in another country. Just download the maps for the unexpected future!


     Here’s how:

  • Search for an area, such as Kuala Lumpur
  • Tap on the name of that area
  • Tap ‘Download’
  • Drag or zoom in into your preferred area
  • Tap ‘Download’ again

3. Remember where you parked

Have you ever forgotten where you parked and had to search for your car? Google Maps is here to help.


     Here’s how:

  • In Google Maps, tap the blue dot that shows your parking location
  • Tap ‘Save your parking’

4. Share real-time location

If your family or friends are wondering where you are, you are allowed to share your real-time location to them. (Moms would love this tip, or Dads)


     Here’s how:

  • In Google Maps, tap ‘Menumenu icon.png
  • Tap ‘Location sharing’
  • Tap the ‘add people icon
  • You can edit the duration of time to share
  • Select the people you want to share with
  • Tap ‘Select’

5. Add music controls


Love to stream music with major music streaming apps like Spotify while you’re on the road?you can also add music controls into Google Maps.

     Here’s how:

  • Tap ‘Menumenu icon.png
  • Tap ‘Settings’
  • Look for ‘Navigation settings’
  • Turn on ‘Show media playback controls’
  • Select your preferred music streaming service

Now you know these features exist, are you willing to try them out? Google Maps is definitely a great navigation app to try out if you’re looking for any alternatives to guide you on the road.

Let us know what you think about this! 


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