8 Useful Mobile Applications to Simplify Your Daily Life

As there are millions of apps available on iTunes and Google play store, it is always challenging to find useful apps in our daily life. If you are one who finding it difficult to locate best daily life apps for your iOS or android devices, this article is for you. We have tried and tested various apps and by considering the features, we have filtered out these 8 useful application to your daily life.

With great development in technology, life is also getting busier day by day. Now its our job to keep good liaison with this improvements. Lets take an example of Smartphone; as the craze of iPads, iPhones, or Android phones rises the usage of apps is also increasing drastically. Using is in trend now so developers always try to provide best app that make your life more comfortable. There are millions of applications are being launched everyday but do you really knows which one is for you? to answer this question, one will have to install an applications and will have to test the features.


In this article, I will cover 8 useful mobiles applications I tested personally and found them very helpful in daily life.

#1 CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator / Scanner

camscannerCam Scanner is my all time favorite application I have been using since more than a year. It is world's #1 app for document scanning and sharing and featured in top 50 application in time magazine (2013). Today this app is installed on over 100 million devices from  200 countries and even over 50,000 new registrations are also applied per day. With the New Version Cam Scanner, you will get more enhanced document image, all the registrants can automatically recognize text in images and quickly view documents under the selected tag. Cam Scanner helps you to scan, store, sync and collaborate various contents. In recent development, they have also started offering various filters for the photograph / scanned document you are generating.

Features of Cam Scanner Mobile App:

  • Cam Scanner quickly scans and digitizes all kinds of paper documents like notes, receipts, invoices, business cards and so on.
  • You can optimize scan quality by just doing smart cropping and auto enhancing of all texts and graphics. These scanned documents are clear and sharp with the finest colors and resolutions.
  • Due to the OCR i.e. optical character recognition feature Cam Scanner recognizes texts in document images and extracts them for later sharing, searching and editing.
  • You can share documents in PDF or JPEG format through post on social media, send document in form of attachments or download link via email.
  • With Cam Scanner you can directly select document and fax to over 30 countries.
  • You can easily and quickly search any important document from the bulk by just using tags.

Really, the Cam Scanner has made my life easy and simplified by providing great features explained above. You can view, edit and share any document anytime with Cam Scanner and moreover, if you want to protect any confidential document you can also set password for viewing important documents. The basic version of CamScanner is available for FREE of cost and best to use for personal use. If you are looking for advance version, it is available at nominal fees.

#2 ShareApp – Share Music and Jokes on WhatsApp

shareapp-logoIn today's era users just love to spend time with their Smartphone isn't it? Yes, they listen music during early morning at Gym or Garden while exercising, they check Mails, Facebook & WhatsApp early day on their Smartphone. There are plenty of things which users are doing now days with their Smartphone.

Here we are introducing one of the most innovative iPhone app “ShareApp” which help users to share Audio, Music files & Jokes on WhatsApp directly to their friends. As we all know that WhatsApp doesn't allow users to share audio/music files directly to their friends especially in iPhone and this is the reason why this app is developed. Yes, ShareApp allows iPhone users to share Audio & Music files to their friends on WhatsApp.

Below are some major features of ShareApp application.

Audio Recording – This is the most important feature of this application. Users can record audio and save directly on their mobile application so later they can listen it and also share it to their friends to WhatsApp and other platforms.

Music Player – ShareApp has very well designed music player which automatically fetch all the music files from your gallery once you install this application. It supports all major music/audio file formats so users can easily listen their favorite on this music player.


Share Music Files to WhatsApp Friends – This feature is the main reason why this application is developed. Users can easily share audio/music files to their friends by just hitting on send button to relevant music file.

Multiple Jokes Series – WhatsApp is such an amazing platform to share Jokes with friends in quick time. ShareApp has hundreds of new series jokes for multiple categories so users can read it, favorite their joke and can share it with their WhatsApp friends by just one click.

Right now 2 ShareApp version is available on iTunes. One application version is paid and the other is lite (FREE) version so iPhone users can made their choice easily.

#3 Wallet TrackR App + Hardware

wallettrackrWith the Wallet TrackR smart phone application and device you can easily find lost Keys, Wallets, cards and many more. First of all you have to attach your Wallet TrackR device with your very important things like keys and wallets which you do not want to lost. After that set-up your Wallet TrackR device in your phone, you need to make sure that your device is compatible for this app. This app is supported by iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 6, 6S, 5, 5S, 4s, Android 4.4 & later version of Android & iOS devices. Download this app from the app store or from Google play. The new version of Walletrackr is now available in respective store for download and compatible with latest version of the both iOS & Android operating system.

Features of Wallet TrackR :

  • Added Russian Language
  • Turn of separation Alerts is also available
  • Bug Fixes

So no need to spend much time and energy to keep track of your important belongings, you will never lose any item with this TrackR app. Wallet TrackR is designed to help you to recover your lost items and most importantly it is 100% free and secure. You will only pay for device that can be available at reasonable rate.

#4 Remindo – Event reminder app

If you are the one who easily forget dates like birthdays, anniversary or meetings, this app is for you. Available at FREE of cost, this event reminder app can be downloaded on both android & ios device. I personally like the UI of this app which is very neat and clean without any complex structure. Just follow simple steps and the event reminder is set.

My favorite feature of this event reminder app is; audio note. Yes, it allows us to put an audio note for an event that can be played anytime you want. Checkout the awesome UI of this useful mobile app:


It offers various features in which the event categorization is best one. You can categorize your event based on its theme and you can also create custom category of your choice.

#5 Mustbin

mustbinMustbin offers the best way to securely capture, store, organize and share your vital information and treasured moments. Mustbin is designed for the latest iOS operating system and available in the Apple App Store at free of cost. It is periodically publish the updated version of the application to incorporate with the latest iOS. Mustbin secures your important information in “Bins” that can be shared safely and securely with your family, friends or anyone else. To start with Mustbin, users can choose from several pre-built bin types to add to, and each bin has Guides that help users about the specific steps to capture and add important information.

Features of Mustbin:

  • Capture anything anytime: With Mustbin it is easy to capture anything anytime. It makes sure that you are capturing your most important information and your precious moments.
  • Easy organization: Mustbin makes everything in place so that whenever you need anything you will get that ready. Bins create a custom one for everything you want to store and the guides make sure that you are prepared when you need it the most.
  • Highly Secured: Due to the presence of Bincryption™ technology, your documents are safe, secured and synced. Your all data is highly secured because this Bincryption technology provides bin-level encryption, end-to-end encryption during the cloud sync and AES-256 encryption on every file so your all data and files are for your eyes only.
  • Easy and safe Sharing: With Mustbin you can share important documents or favorite photos with anyone you trust. Sharing is easy and secured so you don't need to be worried about your privacy.

Mustbin is designed with the objective to help users in those situations when they need to utilize their stored information. Whenever you lost your wallet or any other important document, Mustbin helps you to recover from this situation. It is really becomes a part and parcel of people's lives and offers high peace of mind.

#6 Fetchnotes

fetchnotes logoFetchnotes is said as an easiest way to keep track of all things and collaborate instantly to make you in sync with the people. Due to its wonderful and easy features, Fetchnotes can be called as min''s best friend. It is easiest reminder service that you will ever use.

The new version 3.0.6 of Fetchnotes offers:

  • Extra support for the numeric tags like #123
  • Opening a push notification lets you to that note
  • Manual moving of cursor and double tapping text make it more responsive

Features of Fetchnotes:

  • Organize Easily: You can easily organize your group notes together with hashtags. i.e. # in front of any word like “#read” to add a note to that category.
  • Share Easily: You can share notes with your family, friends, and co-workers by just tap the at sign i.e. @ and type a username, email address or phone number in your address book and when they receive it, it becomes organized with the hashtags.
  • Use It For Finding Anything: It is a smartest way to search anything; you just filter your feed to certain hashtages, people or just a string of text. So now no more switching between different apps for your search. With this app you need to hit the green compose button and shift between note-taking, to do-listing and communication as you type.
  • Access Anywhere: Fetchnotes can easily accessible on the iPhone or Android but you can also add notes through text, email, or using our Chrome extension. Fetchnotes is always close at your hand whenever inspiration strikes and all your notes are available in front of you no matter wherever you are, so everything stays in sync across any device.
  • Smarter: Fetchnotes make your notes better by finding the book you want to read, music you want to listen to, the website you want to save and many more.
  • Collaborate instantly: You can receive a notification instantly whenever someone shares or edits a note with you.
  • No Setup or System to Learn: With Fetchnotes, you don't need to follow GTD to get things done, just choose your hashtags and contacts as you type, and Fetchnotes molds automatically as you think.
  • Privacy Control: Fetchnotes provides 100% privacy control to your notes unless you decide to share them with any other person. No one can see your “Skype for cats” idea till the time you choose to send it to the people.

So it would be right to say Fetchnotes is limited only by your imagination. It makes your important content available no matter what device you are using and where you are.

#7 Springpad

springpadWith Springpad your everyday life will become better and well organized. This free personal organizer app save and organize all your tasks, notes, recipes and many more. Springpad manages your all information with info and create notebooks accordingly. As per Time, Springpad is one of the best apps of 2013. The New Version 4.5.4 introduces the Springpad Notebook Store so you can easily find notebooks for every project in your life and to access this Store you need to select “New Notebook” and then tap “Check them out.”

In this new version 4.5.4, you will get multiple improvements and fixes like:

  • From the left hand panel of the app you can reorder, delete and add new notebooks.
  • When you add a new notebook you will get more how-to details
  • In some events, fixed null date is also displayed

Features of Springpad:

  • With the Springpad you can generate separate notebooks for every aspect of your life whether for home or for work
  • You can easily share your notebooks with your family, friends as well as co-workers.
  • You can save hotel, restaurants, subway maps, pictures and more for vacations.
  • Bookmark your favorite articles and videos that you want to check out later.
  • You can follow expert's notebooks to get useful tips and stay on top of trends.
  • Manage your personal or professional to-do's and gets reminder alerts timely.
  • You can easily pool up with your co-workers on a particular project with notes, videos, links and tasks.

This more enhanced new version of Springpad offers new notebooks that are well customized for all your tasks. So with Springpad you can save everything whatever you want like helpful info, links alerts and many more.

#8 Lumosity

lumosityLumosity is called as a leader in the science of brain training. You can challenge your brain with scientifically designed training of Lumosity. In other words, this site trains your memory and attention which is used by over 50 million people worldwide. With the new version 2.92 of this personalized training program you will get the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Features of Lumosity:

  • Train memory and attention: You will get the personalized sophisticated training which is based on what you have learned from analyzing more than 50 million members.
  • 40+ scientific games: Lumosity targets a wide variety of cognitive skills that will help you to challenge in the areas that you care about.
  • Web-based personalized training program: A personal trainer is available just for you so you can work out your brain anytime anywhere.
  • Track your progress: With Lumosity you can analyze or track you progress whenever you wish.

So build your personalized training program with Lumosity. It is designed by neuroscientists in order to train your memory, attention, and many more. As per several research studies, Lumosity games have improved working core cognitive abilities.

#Bonus App – Cultured Code

cultured codeWith the Things Cloud app, you can easily keep store your all to-dos and update them on all your devices automatically, you only need to do is turn it on in Things' Settings and after that, every change you make is sent to Things Cloud directly, which then sends them to your all other devices. The best part of this app is that, all functioning is fully automatic so you don't have to worry about syncing again next time. Things Cloud is fast, reliable and most importantly it is free. In its new version 2.2.5, stability and bug fixes is highly improved.

Features with Things Cloud:

  • Today list: With the Think cloud you won't miss anything important as Things will automatically intimate you throughout the day about your pending tasks. In the Today List, place your tasks that you want to do today and come back to this list after some time to check items off. Things will show you the due and scheduled items once their date arrives.
  • Focus: With Things cloud you will become more focused as you will be aware about what's coming up Next, and what's scheduled for later so you can easily put tasks in someday after if you can't work on them for now. You can always come back to your pending tasks later whenever you want.
  • Keep organized: With Things, everything can be easily placed like Work, Family, Hobby, Projects and Areas of Responsibility and many more. You can make your priorities and stay on top of your responsibilities in life and work as well. While assigning priorities, context and time you can use Tags as per your personal workflow and quickly filter a list to find the tasks which are more pertinent for now.

Things Cloud offers many other features that are surely worthy to use. You can create repeating tasks, add due dates, scheduled tasks for a later date, and review your completed tasks in the logbook and many more. This exciting app is called as a delightful and easy to use task manager. This perfect companion does everything that you want to achieve with great balance between ease of use and its prevailing features. Things Cloud manages your all tasks quickly and effortlessly. I am sure once you have used this you will be amazed with its delightful services. You will avail Things' beautiful interface and task management without any expense of power.

Which one is your favorite mobile app that can be added in this daily life app list? share your experience about mobile application that has helped you to simplify your life.

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